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Kansas City Royals celebrated for Latino community contributions

In front of a crowd of 840, the Royals were honored as the corporation of the year.


For helping make a big difference in the growth of Hispanic businesses and the Latino community, the Kansas City Royals were honored as the corporation of the year by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City last night.

The Chamber cited the Royals bringing the 2012 All-Star game to Kansas City as the biggest reason the team received the award. The Royals also host a Viva Los Royals night at one home game every season to highlight the customs and culture of the Hispanic community.

The Royals also received the award for their contribution to a completely renovated baseball field at Mulkey Square Park. The field is primarily used by the Guadalupe Center youth baseball programs.

Twelve players or 30 percent of the Royals 40-man roster are of Hispanic decent. The Chamber also recognized the Royals for their increase in international scouting in an effort to bring in more Hispanic players.

Senior vice president of baseball operation Kevin Uhrich was on hand to receive the award for the Royals.