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College football rankings: Notre Dame rules AP Top 25 after Kansas State, Oregon losses

The college football rankings were turned upside after the top two teams in the nation lost on Saturday.

Wesley Hitt

The University of Notre Dame is all smiles this morning with the word that they are the only undefeated team in college football left standing who is eligible for post-season play. While the Ohio State Buckeyes are enjoying an incredible year themselves, sanctions against the school keep Urban Meyer's team from being discussed in the post-season landscape which means the Fighting Irish now look like they'll be playing for the national championship after a look at this week's college football rankings.

The Irish are now 11-0 and received every first place vote in the country, meaning that despite a subpar schedule with several easy games, the team has the respect of everyone after still defeating Oklahoma, Stanford and both Michigan and Michigan State. This week they will face USC and it's yet to be determined whether star quarterback Matt Barkley will be healthy enough to play or not.

The Irish took over the top spot after Kansas State and Oregon both lost this weekend to Baylor and Stanford respectively, meaning that the nation's top two teams lost in the same weekend to overturn the rankings. Alabama moved up to No. 2.

Kansas State fell to No. 7 and has a long climb ahead if they want to break back into the pack garnering title hopes.

The complete Associated Press Top 25 can be found here.