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NASCAR Sprint Cup Standings: Clint Bowyer finishes second

Clint Bowyer finished second in the 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup standings, following a strong showing in NASCAR's final race on Sunday.

Tom Pennington

Though much of the attention this past week was given to 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Brad Keselowski and Jimmie Johnson, Kansas native Clint Bowyer finished second in the Sprint Cup standings, following his second-place finish at the 2012 Ford EcoBoost 400.

Unfortunately for Bowyer, he didn't have a chance to capture the Sprint Cup, but was able to leap over Johnson for second place, after Johnson finished 36th in the race.

Though the season didn't end with a title, Bowyer has to be pleased with the year he had. Bowyer won three races, while finishing in the top five 10 times, and in the top 10 on 23 occasions.

Carl Edwards finished 15th in the Sprint Cup standings. Edwards' season ended without a win, and just three top five finishes. Still, Edwards was consistent enough to finish in the upper half of the standings despite being win-less on the season.

Edwards' season could be viewed as a slight disappointment, as the Missouri native finished second in the 2011 Sprint Cup standings.