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NFL Power Rankings, Week 12: Chiefs named worst team in football

The latest power rankings are out across the board, and most sites have the Chiefs as the NFL's worst team.


The Kansas City Chiefs are now 1-9 and face the AFC West leading Denver Broncos in Week 12. In other words, they're likely to move to 1-10 without much effort at all. The reality is that the Chiefs are likely the worst team in the NFL, and most of this week's NFL Power Rankings columns reflect that opinion.

The Chiefs face the Broncos this week, and The National Football Post believes they're headed for another defeat in a season that's already miserable. The Post lists the Chiefs as No. 32 out of 32 in their Power Rankings and they're not the only ones.

ESPN has the Chiefs in last place and Ashley Fox writes, "Mounting losses. Blackouts. Early exiting crowds. Lousy quarterback play. How long before ownership opts for a massive overhaul?"

Pete Prisco at CBS has the Chiefs in next-to-last place, placing the Jaguars below them at No. 32. He writes, "Brady Quinn, Matt Cassel or me? Does it matter? The quarterback play doomed this team this season."

The Jags and Chiefs will be fighting for the first overall selection unless something changes soon. Both teams could make a move for a quarterback if that's the case.