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Chiefs maintain 'good attitude' despite record

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The Kansas City Chiefs are maintaining a positive approach to the season despite the team's overall record.

Donald Miralle

The Kansas City Chiefs are tied with the Jacksonville Jaguars for last place in the NFL. If the season ended today, the Chiefs would own the No. 1 pick in the draft. Opponents have outscored Kansas City by a league-worst 132 points so far this season, and the team owns the worst turnover differential in the league this year at minus-21.

In short, the Chiefs season has been a disaster so far, and with the AFC West-leading Denver Broncos coming into Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday, it appears like the year may get worse before it gets better. Despite the increasingly dire situation, head coach Romeo Crennel told the media that the team is upbeat at practice, stating:

"These guys practice good. They have good attitudes at practice, they work hard at practice. So it was a normal kind of Wednesday, the first day when you're putting in some new things, there are always things you have to iron out the following days. But their attitude at practice was good and I thought that they worked good."

As an outsider looking in, it is difficult to imagine a 1-9 team finding positives to remain upbeat about. When asked by the Kansas City Star's Randy Covitz about his strategies for keeping the team upbeat, Crennel responded:

"Well that's something that you have to work at and I make it a big point to talk to these guys about being a team and it's not one guy's fault, we're all included in where we are right now and we're the only ones who can do anything about it. I know that if we can continue to pull together and have good attitudes and work to try to get better, some good things will start happening."

As the Kansas City fans grow increasingly hostile and/or apathetic towars the team, it is important that those inside the organization keep a good attitude if the Chiefs have any hope of playing better the rest of the year.