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Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma 2012 reaction: Sooners found a way to win Bedlam Rivalry

While they may not have deserved a victory, the Oklahoma Sooners pulled out an overtime win against the Oklahoma State Cowboys to claim the 2012 Bedlam Rivalry, Crimson and Cream Machine writes.

Brett Deering

It took until overtime, but the Oklahoma Sooners were able to down the Oklahoma State Cowboys 51-48 to claim the 2012 Bedlam Rivalry.

The game was neck-and-neck throughout, and the Sooners managed to tie things up at 45-45 with four seconds left in the fourth quarter on a four-yard rushing touchdown by Blake Bell.

After the Cowboys kicked a 26-yard field goal to go up three in overtime, Sooners running back Brennan Clay ran 18 yards for the winning score.

Landry Jones finished with 500 yards passing and three touchdowns for Oklahoma, completing 46 of his whopping 71 pass attempts.

Jordan Esco of Crimson & Cream Machine summed the victory up in two words before offering his take on the win:

Sooner Magic.

There simply no other words for what we all just witnessed.

Oklahoma probably didn't deserve to win the game, but at the end of the day they found a way to pull it out. They just don't get much sweeter to that one.