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As winter blows in, so do Wil Myers trade rumors

Jim Rogash

Growing up I often remember hearing the phrase "don't put the cart before the horse", and that rings true with the Kansas City Royals and the situation surrounding Wil Myers.

As of now, we know the Kansas City Royals are listening on offers for Wil Myers, but again we also know the Royals are listening on any offers for every player in the organization not named Alcides Escobar or Salvador Perez.

As a cautionary tale, I remind all fans to be hesitant to quickly assume that Myers is as good as gone. Even more so, I caution fans to take a deep breathe and not get worked up over thinking we are going to get hosed in a trade that hasn't yet or may not even take place.

Fans have the right to jump to conclusions, that is one of the great parts of being passionate about a team. However with the winter meeting approaching quickly, let's not put the cart before the horse.

Instead of focusing on a trade that may or may not happen, I am more concerned with the coming week and the decision of what is done with Luke Hochevar. Now that may go a long way in determining how intently the Royals plan on going after a true first or second starter. Obviously with the saved money by dumping Hochevar, the team also has more cash on hand to take on a heavier contract.

First the Royals were interested in James Shields, then Jeremy Hellickson, the back to Shields, and now Jon Lester. What that means is Kansas City is interested in pitching, but also buying time until after the non-tender deadline has passed and/or the winter meetings. Obviously the longer you wait, the more time you have to get suitors interested and potentially drive the return up.

As a closing note, let's just take a step back and let this one play out before going off the deep end and claiming this is all going to be a failure. We've been surprised before and on both ends of the spectrum good and bad.