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Five-Orite Friday: They call me Mr. Glass

Kansas City Royals owner comes down from his castle to discuss the payroll for the 2013 season and beyond.

Ed Zurga

Well, well, well. Look who decided to grace us with his presence. With the Kansas City Chiefs continuing to be an embarrassment to the city and the college football season coming to an end eyes have now turned to the Kansas City Royals and the hot stove. And by hot stove I mean pay roll which is where we start this week.

1. Margin Call:

This week Royals fans every where were graced with the wisdom of the team owner David Glass. If you are unfamiliar with the complete garbage that Mr. Glass was throwing out there I direct you to the well written article by Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star. The main part that stood out to me in Mr. Glass' comments were the ones concerning the profit he has made on the team. Or if you believe him the lack there of.

In the article Mr. Glass claimed that since owning the Royals that he has barely been able to break uneven when it comes to making a profit. If you are someone who believes what Mr. Glass is spewing out there then I am sure you also believe that Abu Nazir really exists and that Carrie Matheson is a rational person who never loses her cool.

When I read those comments I began to shout many things in my mind. First one was similar to those of a Jon Stewart on an episode of The Daily Show a month and a half ago. That moment can be seen at the 4:30 mark of the clip below but I do highly recommend watching the entire clip.

Honestly...How dumb does David Glass think Royals fans are? I have written and said many times before how knowledge the Royals fan base is and when Mr. Glass makes comments like this it is an insult to the intelligence of the entire fan base. Mr. Glass has to think that the entire fan base is made up of a bunch of idiots. Why else would he think that crap he threw out there would fly?

David Glass wants you to ignore what Forbes Magazine says about how much he has made owning the Royals and believe him. Since he has a great track record of being completely honest with the fan base and having their best interests in mind. Call me crazy but I am going to go ahead and trust Forbes and not the man who was misusing tax payer money given for the stadium.

2. K-State Aiming Big:

Two weeks ago Kansas State was on top of the college football world and in line to play for the BCS National Championship. With the road loss to Baylor those dreams died and died hard. But not all is lost for the Wildcats this season. A win vs. Texas on Saturday gives KSU their 3rd Big 12 Conference title and although it isn't a national championship or a Heisman Trophy for Collin Klein it is still an accomplishment that every KSU fan should be proud of.

If I were to tell you that in the first two years of the Big 12 round robin conference play schedule that a team would have only lost three total games in that time I am sure many would think that team was either Oklahoma or Texas. I am sure many would not have imagined it would have been Bill Snyder and the K-State Wildcats. I know I did not. The last two season have further cemented the genius that is Bill Snyder. The Cats look poised to play in a BCS Bowl game and have their QB sitting in New York to be part of the Heisman Trophy presentation. The national championship is dead but that does not take away from how special this season truly was for KSU.

3. RACs on RACs on RACs:

It really does take talent to be an NFL franchise in a city that only has three major professional sports teams and to be this irrelevant. That is exactly what the Chiefs are right now. Irrelevant and embarrassing. Plain and simple. The are the poster children on how not to run a team right now.

Here is how embarrassing it is for the Chiefs right now. Head coach Romeo Crennel spent part of his Monday afternoon news conference discussing the fact that he needed to make sure the team avoided a let down. Yes...a let down after a close loss. Not an actually win. But a loss. That is how bad the Chiefs are. When they lose close games to average/good teams that you need to make sure they don't have a let down and get blown out be a lesser team. Well...not lesser than the Chiefs but lesser than the average/good teams. Crazy part is the let down is something that has actually been a problem for this team.

The Chiefs won vs. Saints then got blown out the next game vs. the Chargers. They had a close loss to the Ravens then get rolled the next week vs. the Buccaneers. They don't get completely rolled by the Steelers on Monday Night Football then get embarrassed at home by the Bengals. It is just plain comical that a 1-10 team has to worry about avoiding the let down.

4. Pinkel-ton Album:

Missouri's first football season in the SEC finally ended last weekend and boy was that not a whole bunch of fun for the Tigers. Mainly it did not look fun for head coach Gary Pinkel. For the past few weeks there were rumors on twitter and post on message boards that Pinkel's career at Mizzou was coming to an end. That was all put to rest earlier this week when A.D. Mike Alden came out and said Pinkel would be back for the the 2013 season and beyond.

I am a fan of Pinkel as MU's coach and thought making a change would have been a mistake. At this time in the MU athletic program you want stability and that is what Gary Pinkel gives the football program. Now, I know Gary Pinkel is not without his flaws and short comings. I made my feelings about the way he handled James Franklin not taking a pain killing shot well known. But getting rid of Pinkel at this stage would be very short sighted of the Tigers and shows that MU doesn't understand where it stands in the pecking order of college football.

MU is not a program that is going to or should be competing for National Championships. They simply are not at that level. It took the greatest season in the history of MU football for them to be ranked #1 in the country and having a shot at playing in the BCS title game back in 2007. Know who you are and know that winning 8 games a season is about the heights that the program can reach with some season playing up or down from that win total. Accept that and understand that there is nothing wrong with being that level of a program. Especially now that the Tigers are in the SEC.

5: Humblebrag:

Charlie Weis is a very interesting cat in my opinion. He along with many other people from the New England Patriots owe almost all of their success to one Tom Brady. Yet you would know that from listening to the man talk. He does not lack for confidence that is for damn sure and he doesn't mind telling you about his excellence either.

This week in came during the weekly Big 12 coaches conference call when Charlie Weis was asked about Notre Dame being ranked #1 in the BCS and set to play in the title game and the players he recruited on the team. Weis started off saying that he figured it was best to stay away from the lime light when it came to the Fighting Irish's success then season. When using an example of what he didn't want to do when it came to taking credit he made to let everyone know how those are his players especially Heisman candidate Manti Te'o. You know, taking credit for it.

Bravo Chuck. Bravo. You some how found a way for me to talk about the KU football coach even though they are about to go winless in the Big 12 yet again.

Follow me on twitter @craig_a_brenner and until next week peace out.