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Kansas State vs. TCU odds: Odds off the board due to Collin Klein injury status

Due to the uncertainty of Heisman candidate Collin Klein's status, the line for the Kansas State-TCU game is not on the board.

Matthew Holst

In the third quarter of Kansas State's 44-30 Victory over the Oklahoma State Cowboys this past Saturday, Cougars' quarterback and Heisman front runner Collin Klein jogged off the field, had a chat with the trainers and didn't return. It is thought that he suffered a concussion during a stretch when he ran the ball three straight times, which ended up resulting in the quarterback's 50th career rushing touchdown.

Klein's status for the team's game this weekend against the TCU Horned Frogs is currently unknown as his coach, Bill Snyder isn't exactly being open about the injury. In an interview on Monday, though, he did say that he hopes and expects his quarterback to play:

"Let's cut to the chase. Would I expect him to play? I certainly hope that's the case, and I would expect that to take place."

If you've been looking for a line on the Cougars upcoming game so you can throw a wad of cash at the local sports book, you may have noticed that a line hasn't come out on the board yet. That is due to the uncertainty of Klein's status. If it was known that he wasn't or was going to play the line would be out and would reflect his status. However, without a status, sports books can't come out with a line since they don't know if the Hiesman candidate will play or not.

That's just a fancier way of saying that they want a better chance of taking your money. We'll update you on the spread and Klein's status when the news is made available.