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Oklahoma City Thunder showcase new alternate uniforms

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The Thunder debut a new alternate uniform for the 2012-13 season and beyond.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Since moving from Seattle to Oklahoma City, the Thunder haven't had an alternate uniform to put on when the mood strikes. Things have changed now that the team has unveiled some pretty simple alternate unis.

The Thunder will reportedly wear the uniforms for select games this season after going their first four seasons in Oklahoma City without one.

"The unique vertical presentation of the word ‘T-H-U-N-D-E-R’ demonstrates strength and illustrates the rising nature of our team and community," the Thunder said in a release. "The font used for numbers and letters are consistent with our current uniform while the script ‘Oklahoma City’ on the shorts provides a classic, yet modern, application. The vertical ‘O-K-C’ on the shorts embraces the organic and loyal support of our fans who chant those letters throughout home games. Overall, the minimalist design and clean lines are timeless and reflect the personality of our industrious, hard-working, proud and committed community."

No word on when the Thunder may debut these uniforms for the world to see.