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A lesson in NFL history for the Kansas City Chiefs

Clark Hunt and the Chiefs need to learn from the NFL's history.

Michael Heiman

The Kansas City Chiefs need to find some continuity and success at the quarterback position.

Of course, the statement above is obvious, something that every legitimate NFL fan knows. Without a decent man under center, the team is doomed to failure sooner rather than later. Maybe the lack of a quarterback can explain why the Chiefs have struggled so mightily since the retirement of Len Dawson following the 1975 season.

Don't think for a minute that the disaster that is 2012 can be pinned solely on Matt Cassel (I'm looking at you, Romeo Crennel/Scott Pioli/the other 52 players). However, the position needs an overhaul if this team is to compete on an elite level anytime soon.

The Chiefs are almost guaranteed to own a top-three overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft this coming April. Matt Barkley of Southern Cal and Geno Smith of West Virginia will be around for Kansas City to select. It has to make the right choice and build around them.

This is the Chiefs opportunity to become a relevant franchise again. Forget the people who say Barkley is haven't a down year at USC. Watch one of his games in the tough Pac-12 and tell me he's not the real deal.

Kansas City will never win with a retread quarterback it signed or traded for. How am I so sure? History.

In 46 Super Bowls, there have been 28 different winning quarterbacks. Out of those 28, only six weren't homegrown talents (either drafted by the team or took their first pro snap for them, i.e. Kurt Warner). Oddly enough, Dawson qualifies as one of the six, having spent his early years with the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns.

The point being, an organization must draft and develop its own star quarterback. Those 22 homegrown men account for 40 Super Bowl championships, and out of them, nine are already Hall-of-Fame members with seven likely on their way to Canton.

The Chiefs haven't invested near enough time in a position that is pretty damn important. You can look at every Super Bowl champion and break down their weaknesses and strengths, but almost every time the quarterback is the common thread along with a good defense.

Nobody is suggesting it's easy to find one of these players. If it was, every team would be in the hunt each year. In this case though, Kansas City is about to have an opportunity to alter its course by making the right move, starting with Clark Hunt.

Hunt needs to give the coaching staff and front office a facelift. More importantly, he needs to bring in the right guys for the job and shell out the money when necessary.

This season has been an embarrassing train wreck of a year.

Hopefully the Chiefs turn it into a turning point.