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Oklahoma City Thunder Trade Possiblities For 2013

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The Thunder lost on Thursday night and that means its time to trade everybody. Okay, not quite, but could a trade or two be on the horizon for Oklahoma City?

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The Oklahoma City Thunder lost to the upstart Minnesota Timberwolves 99-93 on Thursday night. After winning 12 games in a row, the streak has come to an end in the great north by a team in Minnesota that was both bigger than OKC and also able to stretch out the Thunder defense with their long range shooting. The game itself reminded me of a college basketball game where a top ranked squad is beaten by hot shooting from three-point range and the favored squad just not having everything click on that night. Of course, now that the 12-game winning streak is over, there's only one logical thing to do in such a time as this.

Trade everybody.

Okay, maybe not everybody, but its not to say that there aren't a few things we could nitpick on what the Thunder could use an upgrade on, right? From adding some shooters, rebounders and a former Olympian, here are a few trade scenarios that could be in the works before the trade deadline hits in February.

1. J.J. Redick: Its something I hadn't given much thought to at first, but when my boy Royce gave his opinion and said that he thought Redick could possibly be a good fit on the Thunder, I believe I raised my eyebrow in a way that would make The Rock proud. Truthfully, on a team that only has two pure shooters in Kevin Durant and Kevin Martin, having another shooter not named Kevin could be a real asset for OKC come playoff time. Russell just might be on to something here.

Best guess on how much would it cost OKC? Possibly Reggie Jackson and a second rounder going back to Orlando in a trade.

2. Anderson Varejao: We talked about possibility of trading for Sideshow Bob in the past, but Cleveland only has five wins all season and the lack of talent on that team is still striking. Varejao brings effort on the glass, defending in the paint and a knack for making the right pass or a crafty shot in the paint. He's not a better defender than Kendrick Perkins, but they make similar money and Varejao brings a lot more to the table. Perkins is the de facto big brother on this team, but if Sam Presti sees Perkins lack of productivity an issue moving forward, then Perk could be on the chopping block.

Best guess on how much would it cost OKC? Amnesty Perkins' contract, then sending players and a first-round pick (or two) to Cleveland.

3. Kevin Love: Love simply torched OKC on Thursday night, especially in the first half. Watching Love operate that far away from the rim is always a treat, but while I expected Love to light it up from long range, his ability to pass and hit cutters with the floor opened up continued to give OKC problems. I've always thought that having a stretch big man could open up the floor for driving opportunities by Durant and Westbrook, and while Serge Ibaka's improved in hitting 18-footers consistently, he's no Kevin Love.

Is this a dream of all dreams in acquiring Love? Probably so. If Minnesota wasn't 13-11 on the season and now getting their phenom point guard Ricky Rubio back in action, I'd say that this trade could definitely be in play. Love hasn't been shy in letting his feelings be known about the lack of team success thus far in Minnesota, and OKC has the right kind of assets to get him. Too bad they're winning right now, but by never know.

Best guess on how much would it cost OKC? Trade anybody not named Durant, Westbrook and Ibaka to get Love. I'm serious bro.

4. James Harden: You know, there's this guy in Houston....wait, what? Too soon? Okay, my bad.

Eddie Maisonet is the Editor-In-Chief of The Sportsfan Journal and regular contributor to SLAMonline and SBNation.