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Marquel Combs aids Kansas football recruiting efforts

Charlie Weis credits junior college recruit Marquel Combs for helping the Kansas Jayhawks' recruiting efforts.


Marquel Combs helped the Kansas Jayhawks recruiting ranks this season by committing to the Kansas Jayhawks, giving them the top-rated junior college recruit in the country. He has also helped the Jayhawks recruit other junior college players, giving Kansas a strong recruiting class built mostly on junior college talent.

Head coach Charlie Weis talked about Combs' personality to the media:, stating:

I think (Combs is) a slam dunk as far as you liking his personality. You'll know why the other recruits talk to him. I call him, The Pied Piper. That's my nickname for him. You're the darn Pied Piper, because they all want to Facebook him and tweet him and text him and call him and things like that. When one of those guys are on your side, it's a heck of a lot better when he's on somebody else's side.

Combs has been active on social media promoting the Jayhawks, using the hashtag #2013dreamteam to encourage other recruits to sign with Kanas.

Although the coaching staff deserves the bulk of the credit for assembling the strong recruiting class, Combs did his best to aid the coaches. Kansas has the 32nd ranked recruiting class in the nation and fifth ranked in the Big XII, which is a strong class for a team that went 1-11 last season.

Kansas has 10 junior college players signed to play for the team next season, with 14 more players, including seven junior college players, who have given the Jayhawks a verbal commitment.