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Fiesta Bowl 2013: Kansas State prepares for Oregon offense

The Wildcats are busy preparing for the high-powered offense of the Oregon Ducks.

Brett Deering

Having to prepare to face an offense as fast and overwhelming as the one run by Chip Kelly's Oregon Ducks may be a tough task. As the Topeka Capital-Journal writes, however, the Wildcats of Kansas State feel familiar with what they will be facing in the Fiesta Bowl.

The team says they will be plenty prepared after facing the high-powered offenses of the Big XII, especially the Baylor Bears, who ended the Wildcats' dreams of playing for the BCS National Championship.

Kansas State was able to effectively stop the spread offense against a variety of teams during the 2012 season including West Virginia, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State.

According to head coach Bill Snyder, the key for the Wildcats being able to win will be adjusting to the various tempos that the Ducks play with.

"Oregon can go as fast as they want to go. They have a variety of tempos they move at. In certain situations they are faster than other situations. They can go as fast or faster than anybody when they choose to do so."

The 2013 Fiesta Bowl will take place Jan. 3 in Glendale, Ariz.