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NBA power rankings 2012: Thunder near the top of the heap

The Thunder have a podium spot on a couple of NBA power rankings from across the web.


Sitting at 14-4 on the season ahead of a big match-up with the Brooklyn Nets in the Big Apple tonight, the Oklahoma City Thunder are sitting in the top three of the web's best NBA power rankings.

SB Nation's own Seth Rosenthal hands out a bronze medal to the Thunder, keeping them in the third spot of his latest power rankings. He notes the Thunder's defense is improving nicely as the offense continues to fire on all cylinders.

ESPN's Marc Stein has the Thunder just off the podium in fourth in his latest power rankings. Stein notes one encouraging sign is the Thunder remain amongst the league's best in offensive and defensive efficiency without James Harden.

CBS Sports' Matt Moore has the Thunder installed as second in his rankings, up one spot from third last week. So far, the Thunder probably don't miss Harden too much according to Moore.

So far, they miss Harden like an unnecessarily long beard. Wait.

The Thunder head home after meeting the Nets for a nationally-televised game against the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday night.