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Dayton Moore looking for an ace for Royals starting rotation

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The Kansas City Royals are still searching for a top-line pitcher to front their rotation.

G. Newman Lowrance

The Kansas City Royals have made it abundantly clear they plan to improve the starting pitching rotation this of-season. The team has already traded for Ervin Santana and re-signed Jeremy Guthrie, but is still searching for another pitcher to bring in.

The Royals are picky about what type of pitcher they want to bring in. They want front-line pitcher, and don't not plan on settling for less.

General Manager Dayton Moore talked with Dick Kaegel from about the search for a top-of-the-rotation pitcher. Moore discussed the qualities he is looking for in a pitcher, stating:

"We want pitchers that have the mindset of a No. 1 starter where they give us innings. And they compete and they prepare and they expect to win. So we're going to continue to develop and acquire pitchers with those kinds of ingredients."

The Royals have been linked to almost every available top-flight pitcher in free agency, including Kyle Lohse and Anibal Sanchez. Kansas City has also explored the trade market, and have discussed R.A. Dickey with the New York Mets as well as James Shields and Jeremy Hellickson with the Tampa Bay Rays.

The team did not make any moves during the Winter Meetings regarding the pitching staff, but will liekly make a move sometime this offseason.