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Peyton Manning Could Find 'Familiar Face' On Chiefs New Coaching Staff

If Peyton Manning is looking around for familiar names and faces for his next home, the Kansas City Chiefs have one for him to consider. According to Mike Florio, the arrival of Jim Bob Cooter, the Chiefs’ new offensive quality control coach, comes at an interesting time given his relationship with Peyton Manning.

Florio writes, "With the status of Peyton Manning undecided in Indy and most teams not currently having a quarterback who plays as well as Peyton when healthy, the arrival of employees with connections to Peyton Manning at a new team will trigger natural speculation as to whether that team hopes to lure Peyton to town. Case in point: The Chiefs have hired former Colts assistant offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter.

If and when Manning is released, it will be a frenzy to see who signs him. That said, Cooter is only one of several coaches out there with ties. Jim Caldwell, for example, was Peyton’s former head coach and is now with the Baltimore Ravens. It’s just as easy to say something is at work there.

If Manning is coming to Kansas City, it will have much more to do with the talent around him at the skill positions and the Chiefs solid chance of winning the AFC West than it will the addition of a new quality control coach.