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Royals Agree To One-Year Deal With Reliever Tim Collins

Tim Collins has reached a one year agreement with the Kansas City Royals for $495,725, and the left-handed reliever hopes to once again provide a solid arm out of the bullpen. Collins, however, has more competition than last year with some of the new imports from general manager Dayton Moore.

Collins went 4-4 last season with a 3.63 ERA — totals that look quite nice. A closer look, however, reveals less-than-impressive peripherals, including 48 walks in 67 innings. Still Collins struck out 60 and if he can gain some control, he has a nice live arm and his southpaw status should make him an asset.

Collins did well last season to get out of situations he found himself in, but relievers bounce up and down year to year when faced with these peripheral stats. Given the competition from Jon Broxton and Jose Mijares among others, Collins will likely find a short leash if he starts allowing baserunners like he did last season.