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Former Royals OF Raul Ibanez Reaches One-Year Deal With Yankees

The New York Yankees recently took part in something that most fan bases understand quite well: the salary dump. Their trade of A.J. Burnett to the Pittsburgh Pirates for a half-rack of ribs and a side of potato salad was simply to free the Yankees of some financial burden so they could add some spare parts without raising their team budget. In doing so, they showed a bit of their hand this morning with the announced deal that Raul Ibanez has reached a one-year agreement with the Yanks.

Ibanez played with the Kansas City Royals for three seasons in between stints with the Seattle Mariners. He hit .291 in those three seasons from 2001-03 and had 55 home runs combined. If anything, Ibanez has been an incredible model of consistent gap power and decent contact and is still going strong at 39.

Ken Rosenthal reports that the one-year deal has enough incentives for Ibanez to reach $4 million in 2012.