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NBA All-Star Weekend: Three-Point Contest Includes Kevin Durant As Joe Johnson's Sub

Joe Johnson was supposed to be among the handful of players trying to unseat James Jones of the Miami Heat as the reigning three-point champion of the NBA All-Star Weekend, but he had to cancel due to injury. Now Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder and perhaps the best player in the NBA this season is going to step into his place. The move immediately brings a higher level of attention to an event that lacked any other star power beyond Kevin Love.

The official list includes:
Ryan Anderson, Orlando Magic
Kevin Love, Minnesota Timberwolves
James Jones, Miami Heat
Mario Chalmers, Miami Heat
Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder
Anthony Morrow, New Jersey Nets

The Three-Point Contest is the third event of four that also includes the Slam Dunk Championship. Everything kicks off at 7:30pm CT, and Durant will likely start around 8:30pm.

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