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Kansas State Vs. Iowa State Final: Cyclones Trump Wildcats 65-61 For A Huge Big 12 Win

Sometimes when a player gets hot, it doesn't matter what the other team does that player will not be stopped. For the Kansas State Wildcats, there was nothing that they could do to slow down the hot shooting of Iowa State Cyclones guard Scott Christopherson. Christopherson went for 29 points on 10-of-13 shooting to help the Cyclones defeat the Wildcats 65-61 in a huge Big 12 conference matchup.

Kansas State wasted a herculean effort from Jordan Henriquez on Saturday afternoon, as his 19 points, 12 rebounds and 7 huge blocks helped keep Frank Martin's team in the game. However, poor shooting from three-point range (3-of-17 for the game) and poor execution in key moments thwarted the Wildcats efforts.

Iowa State has solidified themselves as a top 4 team in the Big 12, and will look to get themselves ranked on Monday. Kansas State's conference record falls to 8-8 on the season with two games to play.

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