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Romeo Crennel Says Late Season Surge Helped Chiefs Gain Confidence For 2012

As he checked in from the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, Romeo Crennel is all smiles. As the Chiefs new head coach, he has a reason to be glad for a second chance at a head coaching gig at the highest level. However, he also says the Chiefs are all excited for what is ahead in 2012 with the momentum the team experienced late in 2011 with wins against the Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers in the last three contests of the season.

In speaking with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Crennel said those wins will help establish the tone for next season.

"That was a great feeling," Crennel said. "A change had been made on our staff. Coach Haley was released and I was named interim, and getting the guys to perform and play with the energy and effort they played with and the game plan allowed us to beat Green Bay. That gave the players on the team a lot of hope for the season.

"Then we were able to play Oakland and even though we lost, we came close. Then we beat Denver in the last game of the year. I think all of our players left with good taste in their mouths and they're looking forward to next year and seeing what we can get done."

Crennel also said his own experience of the past will help him in the present as he takes his fours season as the Browns head coach into this tenure with the Chiefs.

"Just the experience itself and having to deal with the scope of the organization and everything [was helpful]," Crennel said. "You're responsible for everybody and everything. Having gone through that this time around, I can anticipate things and when things do come up that you cannot anticipate, I am better able to handle those. Then I think that hopefully that will help me win both games."