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Robert Griffin III Lands NCAA Football '13 Football Cover

The Baylor Bears have been brought to national prominence with Robert Griffin III at the reins. Even now they should become even more popular as a multitude of gamers will want to select Baylor as their school in the upcoming release of NCAA '13. That's especially true given that Griffin is now the official cover athlete for the popular football game series.

Griffin won the Heisman Trophy last season over Andrew Luck, Montee Ball and others, so it's not a surprise to see Griffin selected. The Rams hold the draft pick that should lead to Griffin although with Sam Bradford in tow, they're likely to trade the pick. Thus it will be interesting to see if Griffin can land on a Madden cover some day for a team like the Cleveland Browns or Washington Redskins. Even the Chiefs were interviewing and lauding him at the NFL Combine in recent days.

If anything else, Baylor will continue to enjoy a higher profile even after Griffin's exit. That's what superstardom can do not only for a player but for his team.