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Daytona 500 Schedule Update: Tuesday Start Is Possible If Monday Night Is Rained Out

As if there wasn’t enough drama with the loss of the Daytona 500’s original start time. Now the storied race and opening of the NASCAR season might be pushed back even further if the weather will not cooperate further. Jeff Gluck, SB Nation’s Motorsports Editor, says that Tuesday remains an option for the drivers even though that remains a worst-case scenario.

He writes, :And what if the race cannot be run as scheduled? NASCAR president Mike Helton told reporters at Daytona International Speedway that Tuesday was “a possibility” for the Daytona 500.

“Previously, it had been speculated that a Tuesday race might not allow NASCAR’s traveling circus to get to Phoenix in time for Friday’s practice sessions. Easter Weekend has been rumored as a backup plan in case Tuesday won’t work, but forecasters say the weather should be fine that day.”

Currently the race is scheduled for tonight at 6pm CT on FOX.

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