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Brian Daboll Hiring: Le'Ron McClain Approves Of Chiefs New Offensive Coordinator

The Kansas Chiefs have finally made their move on the offensive side of the ball and the response from the fans is less than desirable so far. Over at Arrowhead Pride, the current approval poll comes out with 20 percent of respondents in favor of the move while the rest either disapprove or remain undecided. However, these things matter very little at this point. On field results matter most and the only perception issue now is on behalf of the players. So far, so good there.

Le’Ron McClain was the first to make his opinion known on the matter, quickly calling it a “great move” and retweeting Adam Schefter’s announcement that the Chiefs had hired Daboll. While McClain isn’t guaranteed to be in Kansas City next year, it’s nice that the first player statement on the matter was a positive one.

There’s still a long hill to climb for public perception to turn around, but if the Chiefs players can get behind the move, then the fans will likely follow suit. Everyone in the front office knows how important hires are at this stage, so immediately labeling something as “dumb” or “bad” just doesn’t calculate.

For the fan, it’s an emotional reaction based on limited information. For the exec, it’s possibly their own job and livelihood on the line in a business with a short leash. Patience might be in order before labeling something.