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Madonna Makes Super Bowl Halftime Show One Of Best Appearances In Years

While opinion is obviously subjective and Madonna is going to have her detractors, even among some in our SB Nation network, It’s our take that Madonna put on one of the finest Super Bowl halftime shows in recent years — at least since U2 put some heart into the game with the 9/11 tribute.

While Madonna is definitely an older performer whose best days (and hits) are behind her, that’s the case every year besides the mess known as the Black Eyed Peas. Fergie and company were the worst Super Bowl halftime show possibly ever, so anything is a step up there. And Madonna’s provided at least a nice spectacle when watching someone older.

The reality is that Madonna’s crew put on a great show with decent showings of newer artists around her that never detracted from the main performer. In fact, they were likely underused. But this was Madonna’s show and she did well with it.

The stage was perfect and provided her dancers alongside her the chance to create a modern spectacle out of songs that have become iconic. From “Vogue” to “Like a Prayer,” the show flowed with unbelievable graphics all around and a strong stage presence that never went over the top while also never getting overrun by the sheer size of it all.

While it might not have been for everyone, it provided the perfect blend of entertainment for everyone while not becoming over the top like Janet or Prince and also didn’t bore like watching old rockers try to look young again like the Stones or The Who. Springsteen could perhaps stand along with Madonna as one of the best in recent years, but Madonna did just fine. Some have forgotten too easily how bad recent Super Bowls have been.