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James Harrison Insults New England Patriots Over Twitter After Super Bowl Loss

There's a time to talk trash. Then there's a time to be classy. James Harrison, for all of his talent playing linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, apparently hasn't learned the art of silence. The Steelers star took to Twitter today to vent an insult against the New England Patriots who lost the Super Bowl to the New York Giants tonight. The offensive statement? Harrison wrote, "Told you, cheaters never win!!!!!!!!!"

Not only does Harrison use exclamation points like a sixth grade girl in his Twitter account, but he also fails to realize that he's sitting at home while others are playing. There's a way to be classy and carry yourself as an icon and high-profile athlete. Then there's a way to look silly if you're in Harrison's shoes.

It's clear that Harrison told everyone long ago that he could care less by the way he carries himself. He's shrugged off fines for his style of play and it's clear he could care less about having the right PR for himself. Still it's a bit ridiculous to even call attention to yourself when you're not remotely involved.