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Best Super Bowl 2012 Commercials: Movie Trailers The Avengers, The Dictator Among Best

Movie trailers for the upcoming Summer's suposed big hits are typically released during the Super Bowl and the two that deserve attention is the long-awaited The Avengers film which is to come out May 2012, and after five movies leading up to release Marvel decides to release a mere 10-second teaser trailer, so if you took a bite of pizza or a sip of your beverage you missed it. It doesn't even show all of the key characters in the movie, but here it is anyways:

However, for those who want more here is an official trailer for the film.

The other movie trailer comes form Sasha Baron Cohen who is best known for his role in Borat, and is now playing Shabazz Aladeen who is the most beloved leader from the Republic of Wadiya. The spot was specifically for the Super Bowl as it starts out with Aladeen saying he bought NBC and "I know the final score."

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