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Super Bowl Odds 2013: Patriots, Packers Lead Everyone For NFL Season

The New England Patriots are the favorites already looking ahead to next year’s Super Bowl at 5-1 and the Green Bay Packers come next at 11-2. In other words, despite the win, the New York Giants still have yet to convince everyone that they are the best team overall. Still they hold the Super Bowl rings while everyone else looks forward to next year already.

The Giants, Eagles and Steelers all come in next at 6-1 odds and the rest follow suit. The Kansas City Chiefs specifically stand out at 50/1 odds and they’re tied with the Denver Broncos in the AFC West at that point. The Oakland Raiders are the worst rated division rival at 60/1 while the Chargers are the preseason favorite — at this point — at 12-1 odds. The worst odds belong to the Jacksonville Jaguars who are now at 150/1. Sounds about right.

You can view the complete list of teams here.