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Kansas City Chiefs' Brian Daboll Benefits From Charlie Weis Era

You'll have to consider me one of the guilty parties when new Kansas City Chiefs' offensive coordinator Brian Daboll was rumored to be next in line for the position that was less than impressed. Sure, it's hard right off the bat to be excited about someone that statistically speaking, hasn't seen a lot of success with his offenses in Cleveland and Miami. But then you're right into the "how much talent did he really have?" discussions with those specific teams in comparison to what he'll have in Kansas City. But Daboll has one thing going for him that hasn't been mentioned often in Chiefs' fans circles since the annoucement of his hiring.

Fans wanted to see the "flashy" hire, something they could get behind and generate some exictement around. The Chiefs had that a couple of years ago with Charlie Weis and that didn't end the way that fans had hoped. Sure, he made Matt Cassel look like a Pro Bowl quarterback for a season against weak defenses but it still didn't bring Kansas City a Super Bowl. And isn't that what all teams are striving for when they make moves? They're looking for that offensive coordinator that can bring them a Super Bowl victory and same for the defensive coordinator and so on...

You have two completely different levels of "sexy" on the hiring scale between Brian Daboll and Charlie Weis. The bottom line if that we already know that the sexy hire didn't work. You can blame Todd Haley, Scott Pioli, Weis himself or a million other factors/people but the bottom line is it didn't work with Weis in Kansas City. There are a lot of fans right now that do not believe that Brian Daboll is going to make the Chiefs a better football team. And a lot of those people have spent exactly the same amount of time around the Chiefs players, coaches, and any other NFL-related franchise as the people that believe he's going to be a great coach. As fans we just don't know.

When Scott Pioli took over the Kansas City Chiefs a few years ago a lot of fans were optimistically trusting what decisions he was making because he had seen success before and fans were giving him the benefit of the doubt. But a few years later some of those decisions have backfired on him so you're starting to see less "benefit of the doubt" and more "show me" in regards to the majority of fans' take on these kinds of decisions. But before fans use this as an example of something that doesn't work let's let them play a game----or 16+ before we tag it as another failed decision. Consider me on the 'show me' train at this point but as I thought about all the hires that would not have felt so underwhelming, it didn't take long for me to try and think back about hires that didn't underwhelm, but their results did. Daboll may not have Weis' resume, or anything close to it, but he's got an opportunity and that's how it starts.