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Romeo Crennel Predicts Everyone Will Be Excited About Brian Daboll When Chiefs Win Next Season

Romeo Crennel, the Kansas City Chiefs’ new head coach, recently spoke out in a conference call about the Chiefs’ new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll and believes that Chiefs Nation is going to enjoy their new offensive look — but he also realizes that some games have to be won to get everyone on the same page.

There has, after all, been a bit of negative feedback about the hire for a number of reasons. Daboll is not the sexy hire that some were wanting. He’s also another former name to come from the Patriots tree, and that tie would be exciting if the ties that have already come into Kansas City had resulted in establishing the team as a winner. Finally, Daboll’s last two offenses have been in Cleveland and Miami, and the Browns and Dolphins have not exactly been a hotbed of offensive activity in recent seasons.

Still, Crennel says that Daboll is going to win fans over as soon as the team starts to play.

“He’ll do a good job for the Chiefs and that’s why I hired Brian as we went through the process. I’m excited about him. I know that he’ll do a good job for us and when we win games, I think everybody will be excited about it.”

Crennel also said that Daboll’s offense might look a bit like Miami’s last season, but it will mostly be about preparing for the next opponent and scouting what the team can do best against them. The plan, then, is to keep the Chiefs offense solid in all areas.

“What we talked about and I know that when we worked together is that we always try to game plan for the opponent,” said Crennel in a conference call. " I think having balance in the offense as far as the running game and passing game goes and I think that’s what you can see. I think this league as we look at the NFL, if you have a quarterback that can perform, that helps you.

“So he understands about the quarterback position. He understands about the complementary positions that come with it, so you can see a little bit of everything. I think the offense could be all encompassing. You can see two tight ends. You can see two backs. You can see one back.”