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Kansas City Royals Still Have Top Five Farm System In MLB, According To Keith Law

For the last few seasons, the Kansas City Royals have arguably had the best farm system in baseball. Now that those prospects have started to hit the majors, the system will naturally lose its potency as younger players still have yet to make their mark while the upper minors lack superstars. Yet Keith Law of ESPN says the Royals are still stacked even with the arrivals of last year’s prized prospects.

Law writes, “Despite some major losses via promotion (Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas, Danny Duffy) and injury (John Lamb), the system remains extremely deep and still has two high-ceiling prospects at the top, Bubba Starling and Wil Myers.”

Starling will be the top dog for a few years since he’s not expected in Kansas City anytime soon. Others like Jake Odorizzi and others could rise up with great years in the minors as the next top prospects. It’s clear the Royals window is just beginning to open and that it will stay that way for some time to come.