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Worst Night Ever: Mizzou Back-Up Quarterback Punched Then Arrested

Ashton Glaser has the name and position of a guy that you’d think would be doing all right for himself. Recent times, however, have created quite the predicament for Mizzou’s third-string quarterback. How bad did it get for Glaser? How about the victim being arrested? We’ll let the official report tell you:

According to the police report, Glaser, 21, knocked on the door of a female neighbor’s residence early Sunday morning in South Columbia and an unidentified male came to the door, swung and hit him in the face, Officer Latisha Stroer said. Witnesses called police to the scene, but no one was arrested for the incident, only Glaser, who was found to have two warrants, both stemming from a Nov. 24 traffic stop in Laclede County.

He was ticketed by Missouri Highway Patrol for exceeding the speed limit by 11-15 mph and not having a valid driver’s license. According to CaseNet, the warrant was issued Jan. 23 when Glaser failed to appear in court. He failed to appear again on Feb. 9.

Gary Pinkel or a team spokesman has yet to comment on the matter. If anything, they should extend a note of encouragement.