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Washington Redskins Lose $36 Million In Cap Room Over Next Two Seasons

The NFL has penalized the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys for frontloading contracts during the league’s uncapped year, according to Adam Schefter. While the Cowboys will lose $10 million, the Redskins were fleeced and will lose $36 million in cap room. This is going to significantly affect the upcoming free agent season, since the Skins were going to be major players for a few free agents.

First of all, the Skins were in on Vincent Jackson and need the big elite target to pair with Robert Griffin III after losing all real draft assets this season (and next). Losing that cap room might take them out of the bidding and force them to settle for a mid-range receiver.

Even worse, the Skins interior line could use a boost and such a big paycheck coming from Dan Snyder for Carl Nicks would not be a surprise. But now the Redskins cannot afford to make Nicks the highest paid guard in the NFL like he wants, can they? It remains to be seen, but that could make it easier for a team like the Chiefs to go after a guard like that with two teams crippled in free agency.