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Former Chief Tom Flores Makes Bay Area Sports Hall Of Fame

Tom Flores won a Super Bowl Ring with the Kansas City Chiefs in 1969 as a player and won two more in his days as a coach with the Oakland Raiders. That incredible resume is what is putting Flores in the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame in their 2012 class. Fellow inductees include former NBA star Kevin Johnson (formerly of the Phoenix Suns and college star at Cal), former 49ers receiver Gene Washington, and golfer George Archer.

Ben Martin of the San Francisco Examiner writes of Flores, "He said things have changed a lot since his first game with the Raiders, in 1960 at Kezar Stadium.

"No one even knew who we were," he said of his early playing days. "We didn’t even have a home in those days, so to be acknowledged enough and honored enough to go in is quite a thrill."

Flores was Len Dawson’s back-up on the ’69 championship team. He then retired after the ’70 season.