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VIDEO: Egyptian Prosecutor Charges 75 With Murder After Soccer Riots In February

If you've been following the international tragedy that occurred in early February in Port Said, Egypt at a soccer game, then you're aware that charges have been pending for a few weeks concerning the 74 people killed during riots after a game. From the AP report:

The riot began minutes after the final whistle in a league game between Cairo club al-Ahly and al-Masry of Port Said. The home side won 3-1 but its fans set upon the rival supporters in a killing frenzy that witnesses said lasted 30 minutes. Many witnesses claimed that policemen at the venue did nothing to stop the bloodshed.

For those that missed it, the video below shows footage of what happened. The overcrowding kept officials from searching many of those attending the game, which led to the outbreak of violence. The report also notes, "Police have yet to fully retake the streets after they melted away on the fourth day of the 18-day popular uprising that toppled Mubarak."