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Matt Flynn Signs 3-Year Contract With Seattle Seahawks

Matt Flynn didn’t wait for Peyton Manning after all. Instead, he found his bidders in the leftovers of the Manning circus and took the best deal he could find. The Miami Dolphins were left out in the cold as the Seattle Seahawks found their new starting quarterback with a reported three-year contract worth up to $26 million, including a guaranteed $10 million, per Adam Schefter.

If that sounds fair, well, that’s because it is. That’s a great deal for Flynn because it gives him an out after only a few years as a starter — which means big money in a shorter amount of time. However, the risk is quite manageable if he pans out in the slightest. After all, anything is better than Tarvaris Jackson for another season.

Flynn is the latest back-up to starter free agent that could either pan out or become a sensation. Matt Hasselbeck worked out quite well for the Seahawks the last time they tried this, but there's a litany of other names that tamps down that confidence. Flynn will, for certain, be one of the more compelling quarterback storylines in the NFL this season.