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Joakim Soria Injury: Aaron Crow Returns To Royals Bullpen

The Kansas City Royals are still reeling from the news that closer Joakim Soria will likely need his second Timmy John surgery. While the team is still dealing with solidifying their roster for Opening Day, manager Ned Yost has made a preemptive bullpen decision.

According to Dick Kaegel of, Yost announced on Tuesday that Aaron Crow will once again become part of the Royals bullpen. The team was hoping to transition him to a starter this year and had him competing for a slot in the rotation during Spring Training. The injury to Soria has put those plans on hold for the time being.

"With Jack being out, I think it sets us up better to have Crow down in the 'pen. He's more valuable, more important to us on an everyday basis in the 'pen," Yost said.

While Yost was reluctant to name Crow the new closer (opting instead to refer to his role as "bullpen guy"), it seems likely that he will receive the lion's share of save opportunities if Soria does indeed miss the season.

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