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Broncos Loss Of Brodrick Bunkley Sets Back Team's Defense

The Denver Broncos added the biggest fre agent on the market, not only this season but perhaps in NFL history this side of Reggie White. The arrival of Peyton Manning in Denver, and the upgrade over Tim Tebow, will definitely put more points on the scoreboard and wins in the standings. But will it be enough in the AFC West? The Broncos still have work to do on the roster.

That’s what makes the new contract signed by former defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley with the New Orleans Saints so painful. The Broncos were hoping to beef up their defensive line this offseason and now must make up for his departure as well. ESPN’s Bill Williamson says it will hit the team hard:

This is a blow for a defense that must continue to get better. The Broncos needed to add to the position even if they brought back Bunkley. Now, they need several additions to the spot. They need to bring back Marcus Thomas and make other additions. Among the free-agent defensive tackles available are Antonio Garay, Aubrayo Franklin, Trevor Laws and Pat Sims.

The offseason is definitely still a boom for the franchise, so there’s no denying that everyone is still smiles in the Broncos front office. But with work still to do, this was not the good news the team was used to hearing over the last several days.