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Joakim Soria Injury: Greg Holland's Fantasy Baseball Stock Goes Up

Word that Joakim Soria will miss the 2012 season after undergoing Tommy John surgery is not only causing the Kansas City Royals to make moves to their bullpen, but it’s also causing fantasy baseball players to alter their draft strategies as the regular season moves closer. With closers at such a premium, most FB players act quickly on any possible news of a change in a team’s bullpen. Thus it’s not surprising to see so many guesses about where the saves will come from on the Royals.

Eric Karabell says that Greg Holland is the best bet on the Royals at this point. Jon Broxton is around and Aaron Crow is also quite capable, but he has his money on Holland.

“While Soria seems unlikely to be ready for April games, look for Greg Holland to handle closing duties in his stead,” he writes. “Holland had a better 2011 season than Soria anyway. Former Dodgers closer Broxton will be a trendy late-round draft pick, but he hasn’t been effective since 2009, and while scouts say he’s throwing well so far in spring training, Holland is likely to get the first chance.”

Holland was 5-1 last season with a 1.80 ERA out of the Royals bullpen.