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NFL Draft 2012: Scott Pioli, Romeo Crennel Check Out Iowa Hawkeyes Pro Day

The Kansas City Chiefs usually pay a visit to the Iowa Hawkeyes pro day. Whether that’s for business or pleasure or both is hard to tell from year to year given the strong friendships documented between Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz and Pioli, but the Chiefs tend to pick at least one player each season from the Hawkeyes. This year might not be any different.

The Quad-City Times reports that Pioli was among several others checking out the players on the field.

General managers Ted Thompson of the Packers, Scott Pioli of the Chiefs and Kevin Colbert of the Steelers joined Crennel, position coaches from six teams and a number of scouts in attendance at the Hawkeyes’ annual pro day.

Riley Reiff is the main prize in the Iowa draft class of 2012, and it might be the man the Chiefs are looking at in the first round. Then again, the Hawkeyes have some nice players in other positions like wideout Marvin McNutt or defensive back Shaun Prater.