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Printable NCAA Bracket 2012

The Kansas Jayhawks are headed to the Elite 8, but your bracket might not have had them, or any of the other remaining teams, advancing this far. If you've nailed the Elite 8, congrats, you're likely going to win your bracket pool. If not, then you likely need a new, clean bracket as the Elite 8 is set to begin on Saturday -- and the gold folks over at SB Nation have you covered, with an up-to-date, printable bracket.

While the tournament currently lacks a true Cinderella, with three No. 1 seeds still remaining, there's still been some major upset along the way. Lest we forget, just a week ago not one, but two No. 15 seeds ousted No. 2 seeds on the first day of the tournament. That's enough to bust up most people's brackets -- including my own.

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