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NFL Draft 2012: Steven Johnson Interview Up At Mocking The Draft

Aside from the Kansas City Chiefs, we will also be looking at local players and how they fare in the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft and you can get a glimpse into Steven Johnson’s mindset over at Mocking the Draft as they grabbed a few minutes of his time to ask about his game, his college career and much more.

Johnson is expected to be a later round pick, but the good news is that he’s ready to be a leader and is saying all of the right things:

When I talk with NFL teams, I tell them that they’re going to get a hard working player. A player who is a leader on and off the field who will grow in their program and give them everything they want. I am a person who is not in it for the money but the person who loves the game of football.

Make sure to check out the complete interview here with the Kansas linebacker.