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NCAA Tournament 2012: Kansas Players Believe 'Best Is Yet To Come'

The Kansas Jayhawks continue to move forward in the NCAA Tournament in the worst way. Last night, the outside shots were not falling. Some games have been much closer than they should be. It was clear from the mood after the game last night that from the coach to the players, no one felt like the team was clicking on all cylinders. In short, despite the Jayhawks' appearance in the Elite 8, something is amiss on the team.

That's what makes it heartening to hear Elijah Johnson speak positively after the game by reminding the players of what they are capable of. If they can make it this far when they can't seem to shoot at all, what happens when it all comes together?

"Every team in the country, I don’t care who it is, plays their best ball at least one game every year," Johnson said, "We haven’t yet, but I think it’s going to happen. The best has yet to come."

It was 34 percent shooting as a team against Purdue. Last night it was 37.5. At this point, it would be easy to say that they need to improve that considerably to have a shot at the Final Four over North Carolina, but it's also clear there's something on the side of the Jayhawks at this point. Maybe they are saving their best for last and KU will come alive against the Tar Heels. If anything, the shooting can't get much worse.

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