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Joakim Soria Injury: Royals Closer Hopes To Stay In Kansas City After Rehab

While trade rumors have surrounded him for years now, Joakim Soria still hopes the Kansas City Royals will keep him around after he returns from Tommy John surgery. In his first public comments since the injury, the Royals All-Star closer says that he appreciates the team and wants to be a part of its future.

"I hope to still be here in Kansas City," <a href="" target="new">he said in comments from the Star</a>. "I love this organization. I feel part of this family. I appreciate what they’ve done for me. I’d really like to stay here."

This is the second instance of reconstructive surgery for Soria and his contract will begin to become cost prohibitive next season, which puts Dayton Moore in a very interesting position regarding Soria. Clearly he would need to have Soria pitch to re-establish any sort of value on the field, but coming back from Tommy John takes significant time (up to 18 months to get back to full strength).

Soria, however, is well aware of the financial implications of his current contract and injury status.

"I’d like to have the opportunity," he said, "to sign back here after I become a free agent — if they don’t take the option, which is obvious they won’t take it. I just want to get ready as soon as possible to have the chance to pitch on the major-league level again either with this team or another one. I would like to stay here."