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Eric Hosmer Listed Among Five Best MLB Players In 2017

Keith Law over at ESPN is doing a bit of projecting this morning, wondering who the best players in baseball will be in the next five years. Bryce Harper is an obvious choice. Justin Upton is another. For Kansas City Royals fans, Law has a reason for you to smile with the inclusion of Eric Hosmer as the fifth best player on his meaningless list.

Law writes, ‘I think Hosmer’s about to break out into the top 10-15 offensive players in the game, with an approach well beyond his years and power that, while not Stanton-esque, should result in 30 bombs in 2012 or 2013 at worst. He’s a smart, diligent player who has shown improvements even when challenged with quick promotions up the ladder. And if he ends up moving to right field, a position I have always believed he could handle due to his athleticism and plus arm, he’s even more likely to justify this placement."

Hosmer is definitely a star in the making and he’s likely to be the face of the franchise for years to come. It’s nice that some people get paid to sit and think about who will be great five years from now.