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Chiefs Earn Top Free Agency Grade In AFC From ESPN

The Kansas City Chiefs have earned the top overall grade in the AFC from ESPN’s Matt Williamson as he looks at the action through the first few weeks of the NFL free agency period. With their key signings at positions of need, Williamson said the Chiefs have had as good an offseason as anyone could have expected — even without Peyton Manning. He writes

The Chiefs have had a great offseason, and it started before free agency opened when they signed Routt and franchised Bowe. Kansas City’s right tackle position was one of the worst starting spots in the entire league last year. With Winston, the Chiefs have one of the five best right tackles in the game today. Signing Hillis for running back depth is also an excellent calculated risk. He can carry the load, or better yet, complement Jamaal Charles, as Kansas City’s mercurial running back is returns from an ACL injury.

The Chiefs’ roster isn’t perfect, and I still have huge concerns at the quarterback position, but they are in the enviable position of allowing the draft to come to them, selecting the best player on the board without reaching. And, they add some superb young talent that was already on their roster that was lost to injury in 2010 in Charles, Tony Moeaki and Eric Berry.

The Chiefs still have 8 draft picks coming up to use in the 2012 NFL Draft and they should add another two or three impact players and some important depth. If anything, the Chiefs will be a much better team if they can stay healthy than any roster the team has fielded since Scott Pioli came over from the Pats.