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Former Kansas City Chief Jarrad Page Attended Tryout Out For Los Angels Dodgers

Former Kansas City Chief safety Jarrad Page is currently out of the NFL, but he is now trying his hand at Major League Baseball.

Page was a highly regarded baseball player and was drafted three times MLB, and the Los Angeles Angels thought so highly of Page that they drafted him in the seventh round even though he just signed a contract with the Chiefs back in 2006.

Page was drafted by the Chiefs in the seventh round and made an impact right away and had a career year in 2008 where he had 83 tackles, four interceptions and two forced fumbles.

In 2009 he was traded to the New England Patriots and has also played with the Minnesota Vikings. Currently Page is a free agent and since he played baseball in addition to football while in college at UCLA he decided to attended an open tryout with the Los Angeles Dodgers.