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Thunder Vs. Hawks Halftime Score: Oklahoma City Trails Atlanta, 53-47

So much for Russell Westbrook's ankle being an issue tonight against the Atlanta Hawks. Westbrook was hot in the first quarter and scored 10 points, and has 13 ponts so far at the half. However, with that effort and an additional 13 points from Kevin Durant the Thunder are trailing the Hawks 53-47 at the half.

The problem with the Thunder for tonight is that they are having trouble holding on to the ball and have turned the ball over 13 times to the Hawks. The Hawks and Thunder are shooting the ball about the same as both are hitting 45 percent of their shots, however with those turnovers the Hawks have made 20-of-44 shots to the Thunder's 16-of-35.

Those extra shots are a reason why the Hawks are up at the half.

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