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Vincent Jackson Could Become Free Agent Today For San Diego Chargers

The word on the street is that Vincent Jackson is going to be free from any franchise tag designation. So while that means the San Diego Chargers could still sign their best wide receiver, it also means that a dynamic playmaker is out there for other teams to consider.

Evan Silva of Pro Football Talk writes, "Acee spoke to "multiple sources" about the topic last week, and they set the possibility at "1 percent." Acee insists Jackson receiving the tag would be ‘shocking to anyone with a firm grasp on all the Chargers have to do.’"

He does go on to say, however, that the two could still easily reach a deal.

"Jackson is reportedly willing to accept a hometown discount to finish his career in San Diego, however, so avoiding the tag wouldn’t necessarily mean he’s headed for greener pastures."

Jackson is definitely going to be the primary overall target on the free agent market among receivers, even if the Chiefs fail to retain Dwayne Bowe. That said, if the Chiefs can reach a deal with Bowe, Jackson’s asking price can only go higher.

Last year, Jackson caught 60 passes for an incredible 1,106 yards and 9 touchdowns.